The purpose of the present invention is to provide a quick-drying print and environmental-friendly biaxially orientated polypropylene synthetic paper and process of making the same.To achieve the above objective, the present invention provides the process to produce a quick-drying print and environmental-friendly biaxially orientated polypropylene synthetic paper, including:1) a resin composition composed of 90˜40% by weight of high crystallinity polypropylene with isotacticity above 97%, 10˜40% by weight of calcium carbonate composite particles, 0.1˜15% by weight of titanium dioxide composite particles, 0.1˜5% by weight of antistatic agent, and 0.1˜2% by weight of ultraviolet absorber and a resin composition composed of 50˜99% by weight of polypropylene and 5˜0.1% by weight of anti-blocking agent, are extruded through one twin-screw primary extruder and two twin-screw secondary extruders respectively, at same temperature set at 200˜280° C., and convergently flow into the same T-die to co-extrude a three-layer structure coated substrate film;2) the resulted film is cooled and shaped on a 15˜80° C. cooling roll, at first warmed-up, longitudinally stretched 4˜6 times at 100˜160° C., annealed, and then again preheated, laterally orientated 5˜10 times at temperature set at 150˜190° C., and annealed;3) and then a power 20˜150 KW high-frequency corona discharges to obtain the coated substrate film having thickness below 250 μm, wherein;4) a paper-like surface processing agent composed of 8˜20% by weight of acrylic resin, 20˜60% by weight of calcium carbonate, 0.1˜5% by weight of clay, 0.1˜2% by weight of titanium dioxide, 30˜90% by weight of water, 0.1˜2% by weight of anti-static agent is coated to have a thickness less than 10 μm on the sheet surface via a 100˜400 mesh, 60˜10 μm engraving depth gravure coating roll, finally the paper obtained is passed a 10˜25M oven equipment at temperature 80˜120° C. to acquire a synthetic paper having the thickness below 250 μm.